Windows Server 2008 R2 Glossary - V

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

For more Windows Server terms, see either the Windows Server 2008 Glossary or the Windows Server 2003 Glossary

Glossary - V

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The word that precedes the hyphen in a Windows PowerShell cmdlet name. The verb describes the action that the cmdlet performs.

Virtual account

Virtual accounts are local service accounts that do not require password management. A virtual account is separate from the Local Service, Local System, and Network Service accounts. It uses the computer's account and credentials when it needs network access in a domain environment

virtual desktop pool

A group of one or more identically configured virtual machines. Users can connect to any virtual machine in the pool by using RemoteApp and Desktop Connection. Because the virtual machines are identically configured, users will receive the same virtual desktop regardless of which virtual machine they connect to. Only one user can use a given virtual machine at a time, but the user is not assigned to a particular virtual machine.

virtual floppy disk

A file-based version of a physical floppy disk. A virtual floppy disk is stored as a file with a .vfd file name extension.

virtual hard disk

The storage medium for a virtual machine. It can reside on any storage topology that the host operating system can access, including external devices, storage area networks, and network-attached storage. The file format is .vhd.

virtual machine

A computer within a computer, implemented in software. A virtual machine emulates a complete hardware system, from processor to network card, in a self-contained, isolated software environment, enabling the simultaneous operation of otherwise incompatible operating systems. Each operating system runs in its own isolated software partition.

virtual machine bus

A communications line used in Hyper-V by virtual machines and certain types of virtual devices. The virtual devices that use virtual machine bus have been optimized for use in virtual machines.

virtual machine configuration

The configuration of the resources assigned to a virtual machine. Examples include devices such as disks and network adapters, as well as memory and processors.

Virtual Machine Connection

A feature of Hyper-V that allows a running virtual machine to be managed remotely through an interactive session.

Virtual Machine Management service

The Hyper-V service that provides management access to virtual machines.

virtual machine snapshot

A file-based snapshot of the state, disk data, and configuration of a virtual machine at a specific point in time.

virtual network

A virtual version of a physical network switch. A virtual network can be configured to provide access to local or external network resources for one or more virtual machines.

Virtual Network Manager

A Hyper-V component that is used to create and manage virtual networks.