Verify Network Connectivity

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2

When a smart card is inserted into the smart card reader, Windows attempts to search for an appropriate driver on Windows Update. If there is no network connectivity established at the time or access to Windows Update is restricted by firewall or proxy server issues, the Plug and Play mechanism cannot download the driver from Windows Update and the Smart cards node in Device Manager is listed in Other devices as shown below.

After network connectivity is restored and any issues with firewall or proxy servers that may be preventing access to Windows Update are resolved, reinsert the smart card in smart card reader. If the smart card is detected, the smart card driver should be installed from Windows Update. After the smart card driver is installed, the smart card is listed in Device Manager in the Smart cards node.

If the smart card driver is not installed successfully, refer to the smart card troubleshooting diagram in Troubleshooting Smart Card Plug and Play Issues for the next troubleshooting step.