ABO Filter Rule

Updated: September 1, 2009

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, Windows XP

The ABO Filter rule, which is enabled by default, facilitates synchronizations from IIS 5.1 or IIS 6.0 to IIS 7. This topic describes in detail the actions that the rule takes.

General Principles

  • If a metabase property can be set at both the site and root levels, the site level setting will be ignored and the value that has been set at the root will be used. The AppPoolId, UNCUserName, UNCPassword, and LogonMethod properties are exceptions to this rule.

  • If a property on the source is set at the site level but not at the root level, the root level property on the destination will not be deleted. This is because the site and root level properties are written to the same location in IIS 7.

  • Similarly, if a property on the source is set at the root level but not at the site level, the site level property on the destination will not be deleted. The LogPluginClsid property is an exception to this rule.

  • Volatile properties like ServerState will not be synchronized.

Application Pools

An application pool that already exists on the destination will not be overwritten if it has the same ID as an application pool on the source. When an IIS 6.0 application is synchronized to IIS 7, its application pool will be set to the application pool of the parent application on the destination.


IIS 6.0 application pool names that are longer than 64 characters will be truncated to 64 characters when they are synchronized to IIS 7.

WAM, IUSR, and Anonymous User Accounts


If you synchronize source Computer1 with destination Computer2, the ABO Filter rule will treat WAMUserName=IWAM_<Computer1Name> on the source and WAMUserName=IWAM_<Computer2Name> on the destination as equivalents.


If you synchronize source Computer1 with destination Computer2, the ABOFilter will treat AnonymousUserName = IUSR_<Computer1Name> on the source and AnonymousUserName = IUSR_<Computer2Name> on the destination as equivalents.


IUSR_<ComputerName> on the source will be treated as equal to IUSR on the destination.

MIME maps

  • If the MIME maps on the source are also on the destination, any additional MIME maps in the destination will be ignored and will not be deleted.

  • The source MIME maps under /LM/MimeMap will be merged with the destination MIME maps.

  • When there are differences between a source and destination MIME map, the MIME map that exists on the destination will be used.

Character Conversions

Web Deploy checks the IIS 6.0 metabase ServerComment and AppPoolID properties for Web site and application pool names that have characters that are not supported in IIS 7. When you synchronize IIS 6.0 Web sites or application pools to IIS 7, the unsupported characters in these names will be converted to underscores. The following table lists the characters that are converted.

ASCII Code Character




































When you import a package, the ABO Filter Rule will not convert the dollar sign character (ASCII 36) to an underscore if you used the syntax metaKey=<SiteName> to create the package. When you create the package, use the Web site ID syntax instead (for example, metaKey=/lm/w3svc/1). Dollar signs in application pool names will synchronize without change to IIS 7.

Preserved Properties

  1. To preserve certain IIS 7 configuration system settings, the IIS 7 counterparts of the following IIS 6.0 properties will not be deleted.

    • AuthFlags

    • DefaultDoc

    • DirBrowseFlags

    • NTAuthenticationProviders

  2. The following IIS 7 properties, which do not exist in earlier versions of IIS, will not be deleted.

    • Enable32BitAppOnWin64

    • ManagedPipelineMode

    • ManagedRuntimeVersion

  3. The ABO mapper automatically generates the following SSL properties, which will not be deleted.

    • CertCheckMode

    • RevocationFreshnessTime

    • RevocationUrlRetrievalTimeout

    • SSLAlwaysNegoClientCert

    • SslUseDsMapper

Unsynchronized Metabase Locations

  1. The following metabase locations will not be synchronized.

    • /LM/W3SVC/INFO




  2. If a sub node of CERT11 or IISCERTMAPPER does not also have a KeyType property set, it will not be synchronized. For more information about key types, see KeyType Metabase Property (IIS 6.0).

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