Broadcast Archiving

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

When you use a broadcast publishing point to stream content, you can configure Archiving plug-ins in Windows Media Services to archive the content to a file as it streams. Archiving is useful when you are streaming content that is not already recorded—for example, a stream from an encoder. The archive file enables you to make the content available for on-demand requests or rebroadcast. You can either wait until the broadcast is over to make the archived content available or you can use the Play While Archiving feature in Windows Media Services to allow clients to stream the archived content, even as the server continues to archive streaming content to the file. For more information, see Archiving content.


Event ID Source Message



The WMS Archive Data Writer plug-in could not archive to '%1'.



The WMS Archive Data Writer plug-in stopped archiving to '%1' because available disk space is running low.



%1 packets were lost while archiving.



The stream being archived was interrupted for %1 seconds.

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