Symmetric Time Source Peer Synchronization

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

The Windows Time service (W32time) is synchronizing with a validated, symmetric time source peer. When a time client and time server are functioning in a symmetric time synchronization mode, they maintain a small amount of status information. This is in contrast to unsymmetric mode, in which no status information is maintained. You can determine the mode of communication by reviewing the communication packets that are exchanged. If the client and server are exchanging network communication packets using the destination Network Time Protocol (NTP) service port number 123, the time synchronization mode is symmetric. If the destination and source ports are different in the network communication packets, the communication mode is unsymmetric.


Event ID Source Message



The time provider NtpServer encountered an error while digitally signing the NTP response for symmetric peer %1. NtpServer cannot provide secure (signed) time to the peer and will not send a packet. The error was: %2

Time Source Peer

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