Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

A domain is a distinct unit of administration and resource grouping in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS).

Managed Entities

The following is a list of the managed entities that are included in this managed entity:

Name Description


Domain controllers are servers that host Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) resources. These servers host essential services in AD DS, including the following:

  • Kerberos Key Distribution Center (kdc)
  • NetLogon (Netlogon)
  • Windows Time (W32time)
  • Intersite Messaging (IsmServ)
  • File Replication (ntfrs): required if the forest functional level is lower than Windows Server 2008 or if an upgraded forest is at the Windows Server 2008 functional level and Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) is not yet configured
  • Distributed File System (Dfs): if the forest functional level is Windows Server 2008 and DFSR is in use

In addition, domain controllers host the SYSVOL share. Domain controllers must register Domain Controller Locator (DC Locator) records with Domain Name System (DNS) so that domain member computers can locate resources on the domain.

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