Add rules to enable user friendly URLs Dialog

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista

Use the Add rules to enable user friendly URLs dialog box to add rewrite rules to IISĀ 7 that will rewrite inbound HTTP requests by using syntax that will be more user friendly and optimized for search engines. You can also use this dialog box to add a redirect rule for the rewrite logic that will redirect existing HTTP requests to the newly rewritten URL syntax.

UI Element List

The following tables describe the UI elements that are available in the Add rules to enable user friendly URLs dialog box.

Element Name Description

Enter an example of an internal URL that is used by your dynamic web application

Specifies an example URL that your Web application uses. For example, you could enter an application URL using the following syntax:

The values that you specify for the query string parameters are only used as examples; the values do not have to be actual values for your application.

Select an example of corresponding public URL that you want your web site visitors to see in their browsers

Specifies the user-friendly URL that users will see for your Web application. For example:


The URLs in this drop-down menu are dynamically generated from the example URL that you specify.

URL pattern

Specifies the regular expression syntax for the rewrite rule.

Substitution URL

Specifies the actual URL where the rewrite rule will direct HTTP requests.

Create corresponding redirect rule

Specifies whether a corresponding rule will be created to redirect HTTP requests from the existing URL to the rewritten URL.