Sitemaps and Sitemap Indexes Page

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista

The Sitemaps and Sitemap Indexes page lets you create Sitemaps and Sitemap indexes that use the Sitemap protocol to facilitate search engine indexing of your Web site or application.

Sort the list by clicking one of the feature page column headings or select a value from the Group by drop-down list to group similar items. Selecting Type displays Sitemaps and Sitemap indexes in separate lists.

UI Element List

The following tables describe the columns on the feature page and the tasks in the Actions pane.

Feature Page Columns

Column Name Description

File Name

Displays the name of the Sitemap file or Sitemap index file. Double-clicking a Sitemap or Sitemap index opens the selected item in the Sitemap Page or Sitemap Index Page.


Displays whether the file is a Sitemap or Sitemap index.

Entries Count

Displays the number of URL entries in the Sitemap file, or the number of Sitemap entries in the Sitemap index file.

Actions Pane Tasks

Element Name Description

Add Sitemap

Opens the New Sitemap dialog box.

Add Sitemap Index

Opens the New Sitemap Index dialog box.


For the selected sitemap, opens the Sitemap Page. For the selected Sitemap index, or opens the Sitemap Index Page.

Add to Robots.txt

For the selected Sitemap, opens the Add Sitemap to Robots.txt dialog box. For the selected Sitemap index, or opens the Add Sitemap Index to Robots.txt dialog box.


Removes the selected Sitemap or Sitemap index.

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