Report Comparison and Query Dialog Boxes

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista

The Report Comparison dialog boxes provide detailed information about a specific result on the Report Comparison page. The title of the dialog box depends on the category of result that you select. Use the Query dialog box to create, run, and save a new query.

UI Elements

Element Name Description


Runs the query in the query grid.


Opens the Save As dialog box so that you can save the query as a .csv file.

Filter/Group By or Group by

Opens or closes the Group by and Aggregates features in the query grid.

Add/Remove Columns

Opens the Add/Remove Columns dialog box so that you can add or remove columns to the display in the lower pane of the Query dialog box.

Query Grid

Element Name Description

Field Name

Click the drop-down list to select an attribute that you want to include in the query.


Select a logical operator (for example, Equals, Not Equal, or Less Than).


Type or select a value for the attribute.

Group By

Click the drop-down list to select an attribute that you want to use to group the results of the query. Only one value is permitted per row.


Click the drop-down list to select aggregate criteria for the Group By query. Select and clear the check boxes that you want, and then press ENTER to complete your selection. The aggregates that you have chosen will appear as columns in the display pane.


To delete a row, click the arrow on the left to select the row, then press delete.

Display Pane

The display pane shows the list of URLs that match the query criteria that you specified. The columns that are displayed vary depending on the choices that you make in the Add/Remove Columns dialog box and in the Group By and Aggregates features. Double-clicking a URL in the pane opens a Details dialog box. In some cases a special side-by-side version of the Details dialog box will let you compare details of the old and new reports.

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