Display a Custom URL Message When Users Try to Run a Blocked Application

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2

This topic describes the steps for displaying a customized message to users when an AppLocker policy denies access to an application in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.

AppLocker can be configured to display a message with a custom URL. You can use this URL to redirect users to a support site that contains information about why the user received the error and which applications are allowed. If you do not display a custom message when an application is blocked, the default access denied message is displayed.

To complete this procedure, you must have Edit Setting permission to edit a GPO. By default, members of the Domain Admins group, the Enterprise Admins group, and the Group Policy Creator Owners group have this permission.

To display a custom URL message when users try to run a blocked application

  1. Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click Group Policy Management to open the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC).

  2. Navigate to the Group Policy Object (GPO) that you want to edit.

  3. Right-click the GPO, and then click Edit.

  4. In the console tree under Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components, click Windows Explorer.

  5. In the details pane, double-click Set a support web page link.

  6. Click Enabled, and then type the URL of the custom Web page in the Support Web page URL box.

  7. Click OK to apply the setting.