Step 16 - Consume Protected E-mail Content on RES-CLT1

Published: December 23, 2009

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

In this step, you will log on to a client computer and attempt to read the e-mail message that was sent in the previous step.

To consume a protected e-mail message

  1. Log on to the server as Lola Jacobson.

  2. Click Start, select All Programs, click Microsoft Office, and select Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

  3. In Outlook, there should be an e-mail in Lola Jacobson’s inbox from Britta Simon. This is the e-mail that was sent in the previous step. Double-click it.

  4. This will display a Security Alert screen that says This page requires a secure connection which includes server authentication. The Certificate issuer for this site is untrusted or unknown. Do you wish to proceed? Click Yes.

  5. This will display a credential box that has the header Connect to For User Name enter resource\ljacobson. For password enter Pass1word!. Click OK.

  6. At this point, the e-mail should open and you should be able to view the contents.


A user will not have to install the certificate every time that they attempt to create or consume a piece of e-mail. This only has to be done the first time. The user will be prompted for credentials every time. This is because the AD RMS Prelicensing Agent is not supported in this configuration.