Step 8 - Get the Management Agent GUIDs

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

In this step we will be retrieving the GUIDs for the Identity Lifecycle Manager FP 1 management agents. The management agent GUIDs are required for our automation application. After retrieving them we will be replacing the GUIDs that are in the automation application with the new GUIDs that we get from this step.

Retrieving the ILM FP1 GUIDs

The following steps show how to get the management agent GUIDs.

To get the MA GUIDs

  1. Log on to as Administrator

  2. Click Start, enter notepad in the Start Search box and hit enter. This will open a blank text document.

  3. Copy the script from Appendix G into the blank text document.

  4. At the top, click File, select Save As, and for File name: enter maguid.vbs and for Save as type:, select All Files. For location you can save this file in the Operations folder that was already created.

  5. On the Save As dialog box, click Browse Folders, on the left, click Computer then double-click Local Disk (C:), double-click Program Files, double-click Microsoft Identity Integration Server, double-click Operations, and click Save.

  6. After saving the file, navigate to the Operations folder.

  7. Double-click maguid.vbs. This will display the name of the management agent and GUID associated with it. Write all 3 GUIDS down. They will be used in the next step.


If you receive an 800A0408 error when attempting to run the script, you may need to create it manually. This issue can arise from copying and pasting the code into notepad.