Configure Content-01 with BranchCache performance counters

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

You can use Windows Performance Monitor and BranchCache performance counters to determine BranchCache efficiency and to calculate WAN bandwidth savings when you use BranchCache.

You can use this procedure to configure Performance Monitor on the BranchCache content Web server, Content-01, with BranchCache performance counters. After you test BranchCache using the procedures that follow, these performance counters will provide BranchCache performance data for all client computers that are used during the tests.

Membership in Administrators, or equivalent is the minimum required to perform this procedure.

To configure BranchCache performance counters on the content server

  1. On Content-01, click Start, click Search programs and files, and type perfmon. In Search results, in Programs, click perfmon.exe. Windows Performance Monitor opens.

  2. In Monitoring Tools click Performance Monitor to view the Performance Monitor graph. To change the performance monitor graph to report view, click the graph toolbar icon that displays an arrow to reveal the drop-down list, and then click Report.

  3. To add BranchCache counters, click the graph toolbar icon that is a green plus sign (+). The Add Counters dialog box opens. In the left pane, scroll to BranchCache Kernel Mode, and click to expand the list of BranchCache Kernel Mode counters. Click Client Cache Miss Bytes, hold down the Ctrl key, and then click Server Cache Miss Bytes, Hash Bytes, and Projected Server Bytes Without Caching.

  4. Click Add, and then click OK.