Access Web content on Client-03

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

You can use this topic on Client-03 to monitor BranchCache performance as you access Web content. Before accessing the content, you must configure Performance Monitor with BranchCache counters to record BranchCache activity.

To configure Performance Monitor and access BranchCache content

  1. On Client-03, click Start, click Search programs and files, and type perfmon. In Search results, in Programs, click perfmon.exe. Windows Performance Monitor opens.

  2. In Monitoring Tools click Performance Monitor to view the Performance Monitor graph. To change the performance monitor graph to report view, click the graph toolbar icon that displays an arrow to reveal the drop-down list, and then click Report.

  3. To add BranchCache counters, click the graph toolbar icon that is a green plus sign (+). The Add Counters dialog box opens. In the left pane, scroll to BranchCache, and click the arrow to expand the list of BranchCache counters. Click Retrieval: Bytes from cache, hold down the Ctrl key, and then click Retrieval: Bytes from server. Both counters are now selected.

  4. Click Add, and then click OK. Note that the values for both BranchCache counters are zero.

  5. On Client-03, click Start, click Search programs and files, type http://content-01, and then press ENTER.

  6. Internet Explorer opens with the Set Up Windows Internet Explorer 8 dialog box in the foreground. To close the dialog box, click Ask Me Later. In Internet Explorer, the default Web site on your Web server with the II7 welcome Web page is displayed.

  7. Return to Performance Monitor to review the statistics in Report view. Note that Client-03 obtained content information from the content server, and obtained the Web page from the local cache.