Checklist: Deploying RemoteApp Programs Through TS Web Access

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

If you use TS Web Access, you can deploy RemoteApp programs from a single terminal server or terminal server farm, or from a link to the terminal server desktop, directly through TS Web Access. All RemoteApp programs on the terminal server or terminal server farm that are configured for TS Web Access will appear on the TS Web Access Web site.


TS Web Access includes the Remote Desktop Web Connection feature, which allows users to connect from a Web browser to the remote desktop of any server or client computer where they have Remote Desktop access. You can determine whether you want this feature to be available to users. For more information, see Configure Remote Desktop Web Connection Behavior.

To deploy RemoteApp programs by using TS Web Access, complete the following tasks.

Task Reference

Configure the server that will host RemoteApp programs. This includes installing Terminal Server, installing programs, and verifying remote connection settings.

Configuring the Server That Will Host RemoteApp Programs

Add RemoteApp programs that are enabled for TS Web Access, and configure global deployment settings.

Install TS Web Access on the server that you want users to connect to over the Web to access RemoteApp programs.

Install the TS Web Access Role Service

Add the computer account of the TS Web Access server to the TS Web Access Computers group on the terminal server.

Populate the TS Web Access Computers Security Group

Configure the TS Web Access server to populate its list of RemoteApp programs from a single terminal server or single terminal server farm.

Specify the Data Source for TS Web Access

After you complete this checklist, users can access the TS Web Access site from an intranet. To make the TS Web Access Web site available from the Internet, see Checklist: Making RemoteApp Programs Available from the Internet.