Checklist: Deploying TS Gateway

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The following steps are required to successfully set up and demonstrate the TS Gateway core scenario. This scenario enables you to configure a TS Gateway server so that a remote user can access an internal network resource over the Internet through the TS Gateway server. In this scenario, the internal network resource can be a terminal server, a terminal server running RemoteApp programs, or a computer with Remote Desktop enabled.

To configure the TS Gateway server, complete the following tasks.

Task Reference/Step-by-step instructions

Install the TS Gateway role service.

Installing TS Gateway

Configure a certificate for the TS Gateway server.

Configuring a Certificate for the TS Gateway Server

Create a Terminal Services connection authorization policy (TS CAP).

Creating a Terminal Services Connection Authorization Policy

Create a Terminal Services resource authorization policy (TS RAP).

Creating a Terminal Services Resource Authorization Policy

Configure the Terminal Services client for TS Gateway.

Configuring the Terminal Services Client for TS Gateway