Step 18 - Create dateEncrypted Classification Property

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

This step explains how to create the dateEncrypted Classification Property. It allows for tracking which files have already been encrypted and do not need to be encrypted again. This will be a Date-Time property. It will indicate when the file was last encrypted.

To create the dateEncrypted Property

  1. Log on to as Administrator

  2. Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and click File Server Resource Manager.

  3. In the File Server Resource Manager, on the left, expand Classification Management, and right-click Classification Properties, and select Create Property. This will bring up the Create Classification Property Definition window.

  4. Under Property name, enter dateEncrypted.

  5. Under Description, enter When this document was encrypted..

  6. Under Property type, enter Date-Time.

  7. Click OK.