Step 15 - Configure FCI for E-mail Notification

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

This step explains how to add e-mail configuration options to the File Classification Infrastructure. This will allow for email notifications when documents are rights protected. We will be using our Exchange 2007 Server for this purpose.

To setup FCI for e-mail notification

  1. Log on to as Administrator

  2. Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and click File Server Resource Manager.

  3. In the File Server Resource Manager, on the right, under Actions, click Configure Options. This will bring up the File Server Resource Manager Options.

  4. Under SMTP server name or IP address, enter

  5. Under Default administrator recipients, enter ****.

  6. Under Default “From” e-mail address, enter ****.

  7. Click OK.


You can test this by using the Send Test E-mail button that is provided on the File Server Resource Manager Options page.