Configure the Intranet Connection

Updated: April 30, 2010

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

Configure the intranet interface on the demand-dial router at each site.

To configure the connection to the local intranet

  1. Install a LAN adapter connected to the intranet.

  2. On the LAN adapter’s Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties page, configure the following:

    1. The public or private IP address and subnet mask that your network administrator assigned.

    2. The IP addresses of the DNS and WINS name servers for your organization’s intranet.

  3. Typically, leave the default gateway value on the LAN adapter blank to avoid default route conflicts with the default route pointing to the Internet.


If a router is positioned between the demand-dial router that you are configuring and the intranet, the Routing and Remote Access Wizard might not be able to add the demand-dial router to the list of valid remote access servers in Active Directory. One workaround to this problem is to temporarily configure the default gateway on the LAN adapter. To do this, enter a value for the default gateway, run the Routing and Remote Access and Demand-Dial Interface wizards, and then remove the default gateway from the LAN adapter.

Do not configure the intranet interface of the router to be a DHCP client. However, an answering router can still use DHCP to obtain IP addresses for calling routers, and vice versa.