RD Web Access Migration: Verifying the Migration

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

This topic presents the steps for verifying the migration of the RD Web Access role service or the TS Web Access role service.

Verifying the migration of the RD Web Access or TS Web Access role service

To verify the functionality of the RD Web Access role service migration, log on to the domain by using the test user account, and then connect to a RemoteApp source by using Remote Desktop Web Access Configuration.

To connect to a RemoteApp source

  1. Log on to a client computer by using the test user account on the data worksheet.

  2. Click Start, point to All Programs, and then click Internet Explorer.

  3. In the Address bar, type https://<FQDN of the RD Web Access Server>/RDWeb and then press ENTER. Verify that the logon screen is displayed.


If you see a warning that there is a problem with the certificate for this website, and a link that says Continue to this website (not recommended), it indicates that there is a problem with the SSL certificate. If your client and server are behind a firewall, you might choose to click the link to verify the connection; however, you should use a trusted certificate when deploying RD Web Access in a production environment. For more information, see Remote Desktop Services Migration Overview: Migrating Certificates.
If your SSL certificate was generated by an enterprise certification authority (CA) in your organization, and it has not been signed by a CA that is trusted by Microsoft, it might also indicate that your client has not been configured correctly. For more information, see Install the RD Web Access server root certificate on the Remote Desktop Services client.

  1. When you see the logon screen, in the Domain\user name box, type the user name for the test user account from the data worksheet. In the Password box, type the password, and then click Sign in.


If you receive a prompt asking you to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Web Access Control, click Run Add-on, and then click Run.

  1. When prompted, enter the credentials for the local administrator, and then click OK.

Verify that the RD Connection Broker server on the data worksheet is the same as the one in the Source name box.

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