Select Database Page

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

Use the Select Database page to select the database options that you want to use for the package that you are installing. This page only appears if more than one database type is available in the package.


This page will also not appear if there is more than one database type available in the package, but you have cleared the check boxes on the Select the Contents of the Package page for all but one database type.

UI Elements

Element Name Description

Choose the database that you would like to use

Select the type of database for your installation. Possible database types are SQL, MySQL, VistaDB, SQLite, Flat File, or No Database. The contents of the package that you are installing determine which database options appear. Only the SQL and MySQL options have associated providers. For more information, see Web Deploy dbFullSql Provider and Web Deploy MySQL Provider.

Create new or use existing database

Select Create new database to create a new database or Use existing database to use an existing database. This option is enabled only when SQL or MySQL has been chosen as the database type.

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