Applies To: Windows Server 2008

By default, the Streaming Media Services role is not installed on Windows ServerĀ 2008. You can install Streaming Media Services by using the Add Roles Wizard in Server Manager. The Streaming Media Services role includes Windows Media ServicesĀ 2008, which provides streaming audio and video over corporate intranets and the Internet.

Before proceeding with installation, review the recommended system configuration for streaming from a Windows Media Server in the System requirements.

If you are upgrading the operating system to Windows ServerĀ 2008, you can move your existing Windows Media server configuration settings and digital media content. For more information, see Update the Windows Media server platform.

You can estimate the hardware requirements for a Windows Media server network, based on your estimated audience size and the bandwidth consumed by the digital media content that you want to deliver. For more information about common performance issues, limitations, and performance monitoring techniques, see Optimizing Windows Media Services.

This section provides information to help you in installing the Streaming Media Services role and optional role services.


The available features in Windows Media Services differ depending on which version of Windows Server 2008 that you are running. To learn more about which operating system will best meet your needs, see Decide which version of Windows Server is right for you.

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