Configure the tenant VM Fabrikam App 1


You can use this topic to configure the virtual machine (VM) named FabrikamApp1 on the Hyper-V Network Virtualization (HNV) host.


The Windows PowerShell script that is provided in this topic must be run from within the VM named FabrikamApp1. Do not run this script on the HNV host. In addition, you must replace variable values in the script with values that are appropriate for your deployment.

To configure the FabrikamApp1 VM

  1. On the HNV host, open Hyper-V Manager, and then double-click the VM named FabrikamApp1. The VM opens in a new window. Start the VM.

  2. During the operating system installation on the VM, create an Administrator password and provide other information as required.

  3. When installation is complete, log on to the VM FabrikamApp1.

  4. Rename the computer and restart the VM by running the following Windows PowerShell commands.

    Rename-Computer FabrikamApp1
  5. After the computer is restarted, log on to the VM.

  6. Copy the Windows PowerShell script below to the VM.

  7. On the VM, open Windows PowerShell with Administrator privileges. Run the script by typing the folder location and file name of the script. For example, if the file name of the script is FabrikamApp1.ps1 and the folder location is C:\Users\Administrator\Documents, type C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\FabrikamApp1.ps1, and then press ENTER.

Full Windows PowerShell script

Following is the full script that you can run on the VM FabrikamApp1. This script configures the VM network adapter so that it will function correctly in the Fabrikam customer address space.

##### Macros for Cloud VM - FabrikamApp1 #####

$Fabrikam_CloudVM_Address = ""
$Fabrikam_CloudVM_DefaultGW = ""
$Fabrikam_CloudVM_Subnet = ""

$Fabrikam_CloudGW_Address = ""

##### Configure FabrikamApp1 #####

$iface = Get-NetAdapter -Name "Ethernet"

New-NetIPAddress $Fabrikam_CloudVM_Address -InterfaceIndex $iface.ifIndex -DefaultGateway $Fabrikam_CloudVM_DefaultGW -PrefixLength 24
Rename-NetAdapter -Name "Ethernet" -NewName "Cloud"

## End Cloud VM - Fabrikam Tenant Config ##

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