Dfsdiag TestSites


Applies To: Windows Server 2012, Windows 8

Checks the configuration of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) sites by verifying that servers that act as namespace servers or folder (link) targets have the same site associations on all domain controllers.

For examples of how this command can be used, see <?Comment LV: Because this topic is so short, do we really need a link to the Examples section below? 2010-08-24T15:54:00Z Id='0?>Examples<?CommentEnd Id='0' ?>.


DFSDiag /TestSites </Machine:<server name>| /DFSPath:<namespace root or DFS folder> [/Recurse]> [/Full]




/Machine:<server name>

The name of the server on which to verify the site association.

/DFSPath:<namespace root or DFS folder>

The namespace root or Distributed File System (DFS) folder (link) with targets for which to verify the site association.


Enumerates and verifies the site associations for all folder targets under the specified namespace root.


Verifies that AD DS and the registry of the server contain the same site association information.


To TBD, type:

DFSDiag /TestSites /Machine:MyServer

To TBD, type:

DFSDiag /TestSites /DFSPath:\\Contoso.com\Namespace1\Folder1 /Full

To TBD, type:

DFSDiag /TestSites /DFSPath:\\Contoso.com\Namespace2 /Recurse /Full

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