Deploy IPAM Client

Applies To: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

At least one IPAM client is required to deploy and configure IPAM. In order for a computer to function as an IPAM client, it must be running Windows Server® 2012, Windows® 8, or a later operating system.


IPAM Client is installed by default on the same computer when you install IPAM Server. It is not required to install an additional instance of IPAM Client unless you choose not to install IPAM Client on the same computer with IPAM Server.

To connect to an IPAM server, a computer running IPAM Server must be present in the list of servers managed by Server Manager. It is not required for IPAM Client to be installed on the same computer with IPAM Server.

Installing IPAM Client

For a list of tasks and procedures required to install IPAM Client, see Checklist: Deploy IPAM Client.

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