Manage Updates by using Windows SBS Console

Updated: August 21, 2008

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

Windows SBS 2008 allows you to manage software updates for all the servers and computers on the network. In Windows SBS Console, on the Security tab, Updates displays the software updates administrative tasks.

The Updates tab provides a high-level status of the software updates and lists them under the following categories:

  • Updates with Microsoft Software License Terms that are pending approval   Updates that are approved for installation and that need approval of the Microsoft Software License Terms.

  • Updates with Errors   Updates that have failed to install on at least one client computer on the network.

  • Optional Updates   Updates that are not automatically approved for installation.

  • Updates in progress   Updates that are currently being deployed for installation on the applicable computers.

On the servers running Windows Server (including a server running Windows SBS 2008, an additional server, and any other domain-joined server), the default policy is to download and notify the administrator that an update is pending installation. To finish installing the update on the server running Windows Server, the network administrator must initiate the installation. To do so, click the Windows Update Agent icon in the notification area. In the dialog box that appears, click Install Updates. You can also launch Windows Update by clicking Start, clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows Update.

Selecting an update category displays the details pane, which includes the update title, description, computer restart behavior, information about uninstalling the update, Web site information for the related knowledge base article, and a list of products that are affected.

The following table lists the various update management tasks that are available in Windows SBS Console and their descriptions. Some of the tasks are displayed only when an update is selected.

Available update administration tasks

Task Name Description

Change the software update settings

Opens the Software Updates Settings page, which allows you to:

  • Choose update levels for servers and client computers on your network.

  • Specify how and when to update your servers and client computers.

  • Specify the name and group of computers that you want Update Services to include in the updates.

Synchronize now

Opens the Synchronize Now message box, which allows you to view your software updates catalog with the Microsoft Updates Web site.

Refresh this view

Refreshes the Updates tab information.

Deploy the update

Allows you to confirm approval of the selected update.

Decline the update

Allows you to decline installation of the selected update.

View the update deployment report

Opens the deployment report for the selected update, which shows the deployment status of the update on the computers in your network.