Managing Users' Shared Files and Folders

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

The Tasks pane allows you to view and manage the shared folders on Windows SBS 2008. Some tasks in the Tasks pane are only available when a shared folder is selected. The following table details the tasks that are available.

Task Description

Add a new shared folder

Starts the Provision Shared Folder Wizard, which adds a new shared folder on the Windows SBS 2008 and sets access permissions on it.

View the contents of a shared folder

Allows you to browse the contents of the selected folder.

Add, change, or remove user access to a shared folder

Allows you to modify the users’ access permissions for the selected folder.

Stop sharing a folder

Stops sharing the selected folder. The folder and any accompanying data are not removed.

Manually move shared folders to a different location

If there are shared folders that were not created by Windows SBS 2008, you must manually move the folders.

For information about moving shared folders that were created by Windows SBS 2008, see “Moving Data on Windows Small Business Server 2008” at the Microsoft Web site (