Managing Network Security in Windows Small Business Server

Updated: July 22, 2009

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008, Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard


This topic also applies to Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard.

The server assesses each security component for the overall status, and then it displays the status on the Home tab, in Network Essentials Summary, on the Reports tabs, in the Summary Network Report and in the Detailed Network Report. It also displays the status on the Security tab.

On the Security tab you can view the status of network security components, which includes virus protection for the file system and e-mail, spam protection for e-mail, spyware and other malware protection for the server and client computers, and server and client computer firewalls.


The Security tab provides a single place to monitor the status of your Windows SBS 2008 network. To manage specific issues, you must go to the service or application that is listed in the Source column.

The following table lists the network status indicators and the associated icons that are displayed on the Home, Reports, and Security tabs of the Windows SBS Console.

Network Status Indicators




All security related services are running as expected.


One or more warning conditions exist.


One or more critical alert conditions exist.

This document helps you understand and use the features available in Windows SBSĀ 2008 to monitor and manage your network security. To learn more, click the following links: