Managing user roles by using the Windows SBS Console

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

In the Windows SBS Console, on the Users and Groups tab, User Roles displays a list of user roles and provides a set of user role specific administrative tasks such as adding, editing, and removing user roles. It also includes user tasks that are related to globally changing settings for user accounts in the network.

The following table lists the user tasks that are available in Windows SBS Console and their descriptions. Some of the tasks are user role specific and are only visible when a user role is selected.

Available user role tasks

Task Name Description

Edit user role properties

Enables you to change the properties of the selected user role.

Remove user role

Enables you to remove the selected user role.

Add a new user role

Starts the Add a New User Role Wizard, which enables you to create customized user roles. Like the default user roles in Windows SBS 2008, your custom user roles provide common settings for the user accounts that they are applied to.