Managing user accounts by using Windows SBS Console

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

Windows SBS 2008 allows for centralized user account management through the Windows SBS Console. The Users tab under Users and Groups provides the following:

  • A list of user accounts.

  • A set of user account administrative tasks such as editing, disabling, and removing user accounts.

  • Tasks that allow you to globally change settings for all user accounts in the network.


To manage non-Windows SBS users and computers, use Active Directory Users and Computers Management Console.

The following table lists the various user tasks that are available in Windows SBS Console and their descriptions. Some of the tasks are user-specific, and they are only visible when a user account is selected.

User tasks in the Windows SBS Console

Task Name Description

Edit user account properties

Enables you to change the properties of the selected user account.

Remove user account

Enables you to remove the selected user account.

Reset user account password

Enables you to reset the network password for the selected user account.

Change group membership

Enables you to modify group memberships for the selected user account.

Disable user account

Disables the selected user account. While the account is disabled, the user cannot log on to the network or access network resources such as e-mail or printers.

Enable user account

Enables the selected user account. After the account is enabled, the user can log on and access network resources as defined by the account permissions and group memberships.

Add a new user role based on this user account’s properties

Creates a user role that has the same properties as the selected user account.

Print the Getting Started page for this user account

Prints the “Welcome to the Windows Small Business Server 2008 Network” document for this user. This document includes step-by-step instructions for joining a client computer to the Windows SBS network and a summary of the network resources that are available to users after they join their client computers to the Windows SBS network.

Add a new user account

Starts the Add a New User Account Wizard, which enables you to create a single new user account that is based on a default or on a custom user role.

Add multiple user accounts

Starts the Add Multiple User Accounts Wizard, which enables you to add multiple new user accounts that are based on a default or on a custom user role.

Change user role for user accounts

Starts the Change a User Role Wizard, which enables you modify the user account role for user accounts.

Change password policies

Enables you to change the values of the password polices for your network.

Redirect folders for user accounts to the server

Allows you to enable Folder Redirection for user accounts.

Manage Desktop Links Gadgets

Allows you to specify the Desktop Gadgets Links that are available for a user account.

Purchase additional client access licenses

Launches a Web site that provides an overview about licensing and information about how to purchase additional licenses.

What users can I manage?

Opens a Help topic that describes how to use the Windows SBS Console to manage the server.

Refresh this view

Refreshes the Users page.