Allow a user account to be a local administrator on multiple computers

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

A user can log on to any client computer in the Windows SBS 2008 network by using an account that is based on a Standard User role. However, to allow a user to become a local administrator on a multiple client computers, complete the following procedure.


You must be a network administrator to complete this procedure.

To allow a user to be a local administrator on multiple computers on the network

  1. Open the Windows SBS Console.

  2. On the navigation bar, click the User and Groups tab, and then click Users.

  3. Right-click the user account, and then click Edit user account properties.

  4. On the User account properties page, click Computers.

  5. On the Set network computer access page, select the computers that you want to allow this user account to access. To grant local administrator rights to the selected computers for this user account, in the Access Level section, select Local Administrator.

  6. Click Apply, and then click OK.