Configuring Remote Web Workplace

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

After connecting to the Remote Web Workplace, users can access various features of the Windows SBS 2008 network. Network administrators can add and remove Remote Web Workplace features and can customize them as follows:

Feature Configuration Options

Remote Web Workplace user access

Specify which users and groups have permission to sign in to Remote Web Workplace. See Assign users access to Remote Web Workplace.

Remote Web Workplace sign-in page

Display the name of your organization, and choose a custom background image. See Customize the appearance of Remote Web Workplace.

Remote Web Workplace home page

Provide a name, description, and logo to appear on the home page for your Remote Web Workplace. You can also choose which Organization links and Administration links to make available to Remote Web Workplace users to suit the needs of your organization. See Customize the appearance of Remote Web Workplace.

Check E-Mail

Enable users to access their e-mail and calendar from your Outlook Web Access site.

Connect to a Computer

Enable users to connect remotely to a computer at work.

Internal Web Site

Enable users to connect to your organization’s internal Web site.

Change Password

Enable users to change their network passwords.

Connect to Server

Enable administrators to connect remotely to the server.


Give users access to Help topics about network features.

Remote Web Workplace Link List

Select this option to display the Organization links and Administration links, if they are enabled. Click Manage links to enable and customize these sections.

Organization links

Expose custom links that are specific to your organization. Add and remove links according to the needs of your organization.

Administration links

Assign permissions and enable users with administrative roles to use Remote Web Workplace to perform assigned tasks.