Windows SBS MVP Article: Building your own custom alerts for Windows Small Business Server 2008

Written by MVP Susan E. Bradley


Read this article written by Susan E. Bradley, Small Business Server Specialist and Small Business Server MVP, to learn how to build Custom Alerts for Windows Small Business and share them using the Codeplex Web site.

About the contributing author – Susan E. Bradley (Windows SBS MVP)

Susan started her career in computing with IBM 8088 computers and Compaq "luggable" portables. To this day she is convinced that her right arm is longer than her left arm because she lugged those dang "luggables" for an entire summer at an audit job. Now she practically has an RJ45 connection growing out of her body. She writes about patch management at the web site, and has co-authored on SBS 2008 unleashed and Windows 2008 Security Resource Kit.

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