Reset backup to default settings

Applies To: Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials

After backup is configured for client computers, the network administrator may have specified a different window of time. Similarly, the administrator may have specified a longer or shorter backup retention time than the default. The Restore defaults button lets you reset the backup window and retention policy to the defaults provided during initial backup configuration.

The defaults are:

  • Backup start time: 6:00pm

  • End time: 9:00am

  • Number of days that daily backups are retained: 5 days

  • Number of weeks that the last backup of the week is retained: 4 weeks

  • Number of months that the last backup of the month is retained: 6 months

To reset a backup to the default settings

  1. Open the Dashboard, and then click the Computers and Backup tab.

  2. Click the name of the computer that you want to reset to the default backup settings, and then click Additional client computer backup tasks in the Tasks pane.

  3. Click the Settings tab.


You may want to write down the customized schedule and retention settings since they will be gone when you reset to the default settings.

  1. Click the Reset to defaults button.

  2. Click Apply, and then click OK.