Sharing data

Applies To: Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard

On a Windows SBS 2011 Standard network, files can be accessed and shared in the following ways:

  • Folders on a client computer. Files on a client computer are for use by the user who is logged on to the computer, and typically they are not shared with other users. The user’s Documents folder can be redirected to or stored on the server, and any files in that folder are not accessible by other users. To share files, use the company's internal website or a shared folder on the server.


Although users can share data that is stored on their client computers, it is recommended that they share data only on the server. Sharing data on the server helps assure that the data is backed up regularly, and it helps protect the client computer from unwanted intrusions.

  • The internal website. The organization's internal website provides document libraries, where users can share documents and files with coworkers. By default, all network users can access the files that are on this site. Users who have the proper permissions may create a site within the organization's internal website and restrict access to selected users.

  • Shared folders on the server. If users have the proper permissions, they can share a folder on the computer running Windows SBS 2011 Standard. They should use this option if they want to share files with other users and they cannot create a site within the organization's internal website.