Repair Remote Web Access

Applies To: Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials

The Repair wizard helps you detect and resolve problems with your router or domain name. There are two ways to discover issues with Remote Web Access:

  • In Server Settings on the Dashboard, on the Remote Web Access tab, an icon is displayed with a red X along with a description of the issue.

  • An alert in the Alert Viewer.


The Repair wizard is not available until you turn on Remote Web Access. For information about turning on Remote Web Access, see Turn on Remote Web Access.

To repair Remote Web Access

  1. Log on to the Dashboard

  2. Click Server settings, and then click the Remote Web Access tab.

  3. Click Repair. The Repair Remote Web Access wizard starts.

  4. Click Next. The wizard analyzes Remote Web Access, identifies the issue, and then attempts to repair the issue.

  5. If you receive an alert when the wizard finishes, you can click Retry to try to repair the issue again. If you continue to receive an alert, check the alert for additional information about the issue and troubleshooting steps.