Understanding shared folders

Windows SBS 2011 Essentials enables you to store your files in a place that is always available, always on, and reliable.

The following shared folders exist on the server by default:

  1. Company

  2. Users

You can request the person responsible for the server to create additional shared folders as needed. For step-by-step instructions to create a shared folder, see Add a server folder.

Using the shared folders link on the Launchpad, you can upload or downloads files to any of the shared folders that are listed by dragging and dropping files between the local computer and the shared folders. Shared folders enable you to stream music and videos, play slideshows, or recorded TV programs on any computer that is connected to the server, or can play a slide show to view pictures.

Accessing shared folders

There are several different ways that you can access your shared folders on Windows SBS 2011 Essentials from a client computer that is connected to the server:

  • Windows SBS 2011 Essentials Launchpad

  • Remote Web Access

  • Start Search

  • Network

Windows SBS 2011 Launchpad

After you connect your computer to the server, a Launchpad shortcut is added to notification area of your desktop. Double-click the Launchpad icon and enter your network credentials to access shared folders using the Launchpad. For more information about the Launchpad, see What is the Launchpad?

Remote Web Access

You can access shared files and folders from any remote computer using the Remote Web Access website. From a computer within the server network, open the Internet browser and type https://<servername>/remote. Using Remote Web Access, you can view and manage files on the shared folders. For step-by-step instructions, see the following:


Remote Web Access on the server must be turned on in order to access the Remote Web Access. For information about managing Remote Web Access, see Manage Remote Web Access.

Start Menu

In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, click Start, and then type \\<servername> in the Start Search text box. Double-click a shared folder in the window to open it.

In Windows XP, click Start, click Run, and then type \\<servername> in the Open text box.


In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, click Start, click Network, and then double-click the computer icon next to SERVER. There may be more one than SERVER item in the list. Double-click the icon that displays the name of your server running Windows SBS 2011 Essentials.

In Windows XP, click Start, and then click My Network Places. The shared folders that your user account has access to automatically appear.


This does not work if your computer is joined to a Windows domain.

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