Initial Configuration Tasks

Applies To: Windows Storage Server 2008

The Initial Configuration Tasks window opens each time an administrator logs on to the storage server, unless the user chooses not to display the window at logon.

In the Initial Configuration Tasks window, you can perform the following tasks:

Initial Computer Configuration

  • Change the administrator name and password.

  • Configure networking.

  • Change the computer name.

  • Specify language and regional settings.

  • Change date and time settings.

Windows Updates

  • Download and install updates.

  • Configure Automatic Updates.

System Configuration

  • Set up identity mapping for Microsoft Services for Network File System (NFS) by using the Microsoft Services for NFS Configuration Guide and the Identity Mapping Setup Wizard.

Additionally, command-line support is available for remotely connecting to the storage server. This command-line support is provided through the Special Administration Console (SAC), which is the primary Emergency Management Services command-line environment that is hosted by Windows ServerĀ 2008 operating systems.