Uninstalling SIS

Applies To: Windows Storage Server 2008

By default, Single Instance Storage (SIS) is installed in Windows Storage Server 2008, but it is not enabled on any volumes. If left in this state it has no impact on system performance and can be left installed. If you decide to proceed with uninstalling SIS from your storage appliance, you must first disable SIS on each volume where it has been applied. Failing to do so may result in lost data.


If you have already enabled SIS on one or more volumes on the storage appliance and then decide that you want to uninstall SIS from the Windows Storage Server 2008 operating system, you must use the SysAdmin.exe command-line tool to “unSIS” the files (remove all reparse points and restore all copies of the affected files) on all SIS-enabled volumes before you can uninstall SIS.

To uninstall SIS from the storage appliance

  1. On the computer running Windows Storage Server 2008, open Server Manager.

  2. In the console tree, expand Roles, click File Services, and then click Remove Role Services.

  3. On the Select Role Services page, clear the checkbox Single Instance Storage, click Next, and then click Remove.

  4. When prompted to restart the server, click Yes.

  5. When the computer restarts, confirm that the message on the Removal Results page indicates that Single Instance Storage role service was removed, and then click Close. After you remove SIS from the operating system, the checkbox to enable SIS no longer appears on the properties page for that volume.