The Windows Vista SLM Team would like to thank the following people who were either responsible for, or contributed to, the development, authorship, production, or release of this guidance. Thank you all for your hard work and effort.


Khalid AlHakim

Jeremy Chapman

Don Cox (Pultorak & Associates, Ltd)

Lisa Culver-Jones (Volt Technical Services)

Laurie Dunham

Wally Eastland

Greg Feiges

Clare Henry

Don Lemmex

Lex Liao

Betsy Norton-Middaugh

Jason Osborne

Valor Poland (Pultorak & Associates, Ltd)

Doughlas Remy (Volt Technical Services)

Patricia Rytkonen (Volt Technical Services)

Monte Whitbeck


Rob van der Burg

Bill Canning

Jerry Dyer

Graham Jenkins

Michael Kaczmarek

Steve Larson

Mike Lewis

Steve McReynolds

Mike Mitchell

Jeff Newfeld

Mike Niehaus

Mark Pohto

Gary Roos

Robert Sympson