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Allowing customers and ISV partners to share information about their own experience with application compatibility testing provides an invaluable resource for both customers and ISVs. Although Microsoft tested over 1900 applications on Windows Vista, there are many other applications that customers may want to use in their Windows Vista environment. ISV reporting is extremely important in providing a comprehensive list of applications supported on Windows Vista. With ISVs and customers contributing testing results to the Microsoft Compatibility Exchange, testing results will grow tremendously, providing experience for other participants in the community and reducing the amount of focus needed on individual application compatibility testing.

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Certified For Windows Vista
Works with Windows Vista

Certified for Windows Vista

The Certified for Windows Vista logo program was designed to help drive greater quality into the Windows Vista SW ecosystem. This partner program will support ISVs with content and resources that reduce the cost of developing high quality SW. Technical requirements target four core areas: reliability, security, compatibility with Windows Vista and future OS, installs and uninstalls. The Certified for Windows Vista program is positioned to end-users as a superior logo for applications and devices that deliver the “best experience” on Windows Vista.

Works with Windows Vista

"Works with Windows Vista" is a compatibility designation designed to encourage Windows Vista compatibility for the current generation of Windows applications. This program provides ISVs with a tool to clearly indicate to customers that their applications are supported on Windows Vista. This is a self test and verification program that requires Windows Vista compatibility and commitment of technical support. The Works with Windows Vista logo program is positioned to end-users as a designation for applications and devices that deliver basic compatibility on Windows Vista.

The results of both the Certified for Windows Vista and Works with Windows Vista logo programs will be available through ACT 5.0, Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor and Windows Marketplace.

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