Remove Files or Folders from a Distribution Share

Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM) enables you to remove files and folders from distribution shares. However, to remain a valid distribution share, at least one subfolder must be named one of the following: $OEM$ Folders, Packages, or Out-of-Box Drivers.

To remove a file or folder from a distribution share

  1. On the Tools menu, select Explore Distribution Share. For more information, see Explore Distribution Shares.
    - or -
    Select the top node of the open distribution share, right-click anywhere in the Distribution Share pane, and then select Explore Distribution Share.
    The Explore Distribution Share folder opens.
  2. Click a file or folder, and then press Delete.
  3. Close the folder.
    Changes are reflected in the Distribution Share pane.


At least one subfolder must be named $OEM$ Folders, Packages, or Out-of-Box Drivers. Windows SIM does not recognize the folder as a valid distribution share without one of these subfolders.

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