ADMX Scenarios

The scenarios in this document are designed to introduce you to editing GPOs using ADMX files. (Group Policy editing refers to the process in which you create a GPO or open an existing GPO and then change policy settings using Group Policy Object Editor.) The following scenarios illustrate how Group Policy Object Editor will transparently incorporate ADMX files into an editing session. The domain-based scenario—Scenario 2—shows you how to manage ADMX files centrally, a feature that was not available with ADM files.

Scenario 1: Editing Local Group Policy Object Administrative Template Settings

Scenario 1 demonstrates that ADMX files are included transparently when opening Group Policy Object Editor. Editing Administrative Template settings in Group Policy Object Editor remains unchanged from previous versions of Windows.

Scenario 2: Editing Domain-Based Group Policy Object Administrative Template Settings

Scenario 2 introduces you to the optional central store for ADMX files in a domain and explains how to edit GPOs using this central store.