Using Dynamic Update

Using Dynamic Update

For Dynamic Update to run during Setup, the computer needs an Internet connection (or access to a network share containing updates downloaded from the corporate catalog on the Windows Update Web site) and Internet Explorer 4.01 or later. If either of these requirements is not met, Dynamic Update does not connect to Windows Update or download the required files.

The user is asked if Setup should look for updates. If the user selects Yes, Dynamic Update connects to the Windows Update and searches for new drivers and critical fixes. In unattended installations, Dynamic Update is enabled by default but can be disabled by setting the following key in the answer file:

DUDisable = yes

Setup.exe checks for required disk space, memory, and other Setup requirements. If these requirements are not met, neither the setup process nor the Dynamic Update step proceeds. If the computer meets the setup requirements, Winnt32 checks the size of the Dynamic Update download to determine if there is enough space to download the file.

The estimated size of the download is based on the size of the cabinet (.cab) files, and the total amount of disk space required for the downloaded files cannot be determined. Setup.exe checks the size of the files again after they are extracted from the downloaded CAB files.