Ensures that a program is loaded above the first 64KB of conventional memory, and then runs the program.


loadfix [Drive:][Path] FileName


[ Drive : ][ Path ] : Specifies the drive and directory of the program.

FileName : Specifies the name of the program.

/? : Displays help at the command prompt.


  • Windows XP does not use this command. It is accepted only for compatibility with MS-DOS files.

  • To use loadfix, include it at the beginning of the command that starts the program.

  • When all or a portion of the program has been loaded in the first 64KB of conventional memory and it cannot run successfully, some programs display the following message:

    Packed file corrupt

    This error typically occurs when you load device drivers into the upper memory area (UMA), thereby freeing more of the first 64KB of conventional memory. If this message appears, use the loadfix command to ensure that a program is loaded above the first 64KB of virtual conventional memory.


To load a program named Myapp.exe (in the Apps directory of drive C) and use the /c command-line option (for example, to load the program in character mode), type:

loadfix c:\apps\myapp.exe /c

You can also include this command in a batch program.

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