Net pause

Pauses services that are currently running.


net pause service


service : Required. Specifies the service that you want to suspend. The following table lists some of the values for service.




Suspends the Net Logon service.

"nt lm security support provider"

Suspends the NT LM Security Support Provider service.


Suspends the Task Scheduler service.


Suspends the Server service.


Suspends the Workstation service.

net help command : Displays help for the specified net command.


  • On a server, use net pause before you stop a service to let users complete jobs or disconnect from resources. Pausing a service puts it on hold, but it does not remove the software from memory. Users who already have a connection to the resource are able to finish their tasks, but new connections to the resource are prevented.

    If you plan to stop a service that affects shared resources, pause the service first. Use net send to broadcast a message that you are going to stop the service. After providing people with sufficient time to finish using the resource, use net stop to stop the service.

    To reactivate a paused service, use net continue.

  • You cannot pause all services. Pausing affects services in the following ways:

    • Pausing the Net Logon service prevents the computer from processing logon requests. If the domain has other logon servers, users can still log on to the network.

    • Pausing the Server service prevents users from making new connections to the shared resources of the server. If there are no other logon servers on the network, it prevents users from logging on to the network. Existing connections are not affected. Administrators can make connections to the server even if it is paused.

    • Pausing the Workstation service keeps the user name, password, and connections defined, but directs requests for print devices to printers attached to the computer rather than to printers connected to the network.

  • If a service name contains spaces, use quotation marks around the text (for example, "Service Name").


To pause the Server service, type:

net pause server

If the service name consists of two or more words, you must enclose the service name in quotation marks. For example, to pause the "NT LM Security Support Provider" service, type:

net pause "nt lm security support provider"

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