CameraSpacePoint Structure

Represents a 3D point in camera space (in meters). The origin point (0,0,0), of the coordinate system is the camera position.


public value struct CameraSpacePoint
public struct CameraSpacePoint
var cameraSpacePoint = {
      x : /* Your value */, 
      y : /* Your value */, 
      z : /* Your value */


CameraSpacePoint has the following members.


Name Description
X The X coordinate of the point, in meters.
Y The Y coordinate of the point, in meters.
Z The Z coordinate of the point, in meters.


Camera space refers to the 3D coordinate system used by Kinect. The coordinate system is defined as follows:

  • The origin (x=0, y=0, z=0) is located at the center of the IR sensor on Kinect
  • X grows to the sensor’s left
  • Y grows up (note that this direction is based on the sensor’s tilt)
  • Z grows out in the direction the sensor is facing
  • 1 unit = 1 meter


Namespace: WindowsPreview.Kinect

Metadata: windowspreview.kinect.winmd

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