JointType Enumeration

Joint types in a skeleton.


public enum class JointType
public enum JointType
var jointType = WindowsPreview.Kinect.JointType.ankleLeft;


Member Value Description
AnkleLeft 14 Left ankle
AnkleRight 18 Right ankle
ElbowLeft 5 Left elbow
ElbowRight 9 Right elbow
FootLeft 15 Left foot
FootRight 19 Right foot
HandLeft 7 Left hand
HandRight 11 Right hand
HandTipLeft 21 Tip of the left hand
HandTipRight 23 Tip of the right hand
Head 3 Head
HipLeft 12 Left hip
HipRight 16 Right hip
KneeLeft 13 Left knee
KneeRight 17 Right knee
Neck 2 Neck
ShoulderLeft 4 Left shoulder
ShoulderRight 8 Right shoulder
SpineBase 0 Base of the spine
SpineMid 1 Middle of the spine
SpineShoulder 20 Spine
ThumbLeft 22 Left thumb
ThumbRight 24 Right thumb
WristLeft 6 Left wrist
WristRight 10 Right wrist


This following figure shows the skeleton that is made up of each of these joint types.

Figure 1. Skeleton positions relative to the human body


Namespace: WindowsPreview.Kinect

Metadata: windowspreview.kinect.winmd

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