KinectSensor Class

Represents a KinectSensor device.


public ref class KinectSensor sealed : INotifyPropertyChanged
public sealed class KinectSensor : INotifyPropertyChanged
var kinectSensor = WindowsPreview.Kinect.KinectSensor;


KinectSensor has the following members.


Name Description
AudioSource Gets the source for audio frames.
BodyFrameSource Gets the source for body frames.
BodyIndexFrameSource Gets the source for body index frames.
ColorFrameSource Gets the source for color frames.
CoordinateMapper Gets the coordinate mapper.
DepthFrameSource Gets the source for depth frames.
InfraredFrameSource Gets the source for infrared frames.
IsAvailable Gets whether the Kinect sensor is available and able to retrieve frames.
IsOpen Gets whether or not the KinectSensor is open.
KinectCapabilities Gets the capabilities of the KinectSensor.
LongExposureInfraredFrameSource Gets the source for long exposure infrared frames.
Sensors Gets the list of available sensors.
UniqueKinectId Gets the unique ID for the KinectSensor.


Name Description
Close Closes and releases system resources associated with the Kinect Sensor.
GetDefault Gets the default sensor.
Open Opens the KinectSensor for use.
OpenMultiSourceFrameReader Creates a frame reader for the multiple frame sources.


Name Description
IsAvailableChanged This event fires when the IsAvailable property changes.
PropertyChanged Occurs when a property of the KinectSensor class changes.


Namespace: WindowsPreview.Kinect

Metadata: windowspreview.kinect.winmd

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