Microsoft.Kinect.VisualGestureBuilder Namespace

Provides APIs for detecting gestures created with Visual Gesture Builder.


Name Description
ContinuousGestureResult Provides information about the progress of a continuous gesture result.
DiscreteGestureResult Provides methods for determining the status of a discrete gesture detection.
Gesture Represents a gesture.
TrackingIdLostEventArgs Provides data for the TrackingIdLost event.
VisualGestureBuilderDatabase Represents a gesture data store.
VisualGestureBuilderFrame Represents a Visual Gesture Builder frame.
VisualGestureBuilderFrameArrivedEventArgs Provides data for the FrameArrived event.
VisualGestureBuilderFrameReader Represents a Visual Gesture Builder frame reader.
VisualGestureBuilderFrameReference Represents a reference to a VisualGestureBuilderFrame.
VisualGestureBuilderFrameSource Represents a visual gesture builder frame source.


Name Description
GestureType Specifies the type of a gesture.